WOLF TrimLine Plus HI-LO X‑Ray Illuminator (29002)

WOLF TrimLine Plus HI-LO X‑Ray Illuminator (29002)
WOLF TrimLine Plus HI-LO X‑Ray Illuminator (29002)
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Product Description
The Trimline Plus Hi-Lo X-Ray Illuminator provides two light intensities per each 14" x 17" viewing area. 6 bulbs dim to 4 bulbs. The Trimline Plus Hi Lo (29002) veiwing area is 28" x 17" with 6 lamps.

  • 6 15-Watt Daylight lamps (included) per viewing area.
  • Three position rocker switch alters illumination level by activating
  • 4 lamps in the low setting, or 6 lamps in the high setting.
  • Durable, welded all steel construction.
  • Hospital Grade Plug.
  • 3-1/4" deep cabinet with a baked on white polyurethane finish.
  • Film activated on/off switch allows convenient and fast operation, conserves energy, eliminates distracting light from adjacent panels that are not in use, and minimizes heat.
  • Three-position rocker switch controls individual viewing panels on single through 6 in 1 blank units.
  • Cluster switch and a master switch on 2 over 2 units and up.
  • Wolf's unique E-"Z" Bar™ wall mounting system makes hanging your illuminator quick and accurate.
  • Film held with roller gravity grip. Rollers are coated to prevent scratching the film.
  • Recessed mounting frames are available.
  • 120Volt/60Hz standard. 220Volt is available.
  • UL, CSA and ETL listed.
  • Made in the USA.