Nihon Kohden CardioFax-G ECG Machine (ECG‑2550)

Nihon Kohden CardioFax-G ECG Machine (ECG‑2550)
Nihon Kohden CardioFax-G ECG Machine (ECG‑2550)
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Product Description
Nihon-Kohden CardioFax G ECG Machine (ECG 2550). The CardioFax G electrocardiograph ECG 2550 is a high-end hospital quality EKG machine. The large high-resolution 15-inch touchscreen makes for an easy user interface for data entry. Communication capabilities include: LAN; and wireless LAN.

Advancing Acquisition & Analysis
  • The CardioFax G ECG-2550 is a fully interpretive 12 and 15 lead resting ECG, with advance features including Data Capture, providing more than 200 findings with detailed analysis including RR interval test with heart rate variability (HRV) analysis.
  • The Data Capture (DCS) of the CardioFax G allows you to collect and store up to 10 minutes of ECG data, then scroll back to preview and precisely select the most representative clinical ECG data to save for analysis, interpretation, and physician review - eliminating the need for costly retesting while increasing efficiency and improving the clinical significance of the test

Simple & Intuitive Operation
  • Customizable, one-click operations with function keys and on-screen icons make operation easy and intuitive, simplifying testing by assigning commonly used functions to a single touch, speeding operation and aiding workflow
  • The high-resolution, swivel and tilt capable 15-inch touchscreen display is the same size as the recording paper, showing actual size waveforms on the screen, and allows for the technician to easily adjust and have complete access to the display anywhere at the bedside
  • Built-in Ethernet and optional Wi-Fi allow for simple connection to leading cardiology platforms via DataMedFT™

Streamlined Set-up & Operation
  • Easy lead connection can be achieved with the individual lead wires for easy exchanges, and are designed to prevent tangling and enable easy cleaning. The input box also allows for 15 lead studies, using optional lead wires, and has a Start/Stop button so the technician can operate the CardioFax G while near the patient

Includes main unit, patient cable and leadwires, clips, manuals, paper and tab supply, memory card, four year parts and labor warranty from manufacturer

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