Nihon Kohden ECG Machines

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NIHON KOHDEN ECG-1250A, ECG1350A, and ECG-2550 EKG MACHINES - Nihon Kohden is Japan's leading maker of ECG, Patient Monitors, AED and Medical Electronic Equipment.

We endorse leading healthcare innovators including Nihon Kohden:

Nihon Kohden products are very reliable and designed to provide the best quality results at the lowest possible prices. Nihon Kohden treats the patients of their customers like their own family and want them to have the best care possible.

Nihon Kohden EKG / ECG machines are some of the best and most cost effective on the market. The company understands that every time a EKG / ECG machine is used that a person's life is at stake.
Nihon Kohden CardioFax-G ECG Machine (ECG‑2550)
Regular price:$14,525.00
Sale Price:$12,095.00
Nihon Kohden Cardiofax‑S ECG Machine (ECG‑1250A)
Regular price:$2,495.00
Sale Price:$1,965.00
Nihon Kohden Cardiofax-M ECG Machine (ECG-1350A)
Regular price:$3,600.00
Sale Price:$2,950.00