Burdick / Mortara Vision Holter Software

Burdick / Mortara Vision Holter Software
Burdick / Mortara Vision Holter Software
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BURDICK / MORTARA VISION HOLTER SOFTWARE - All Systems include Vision Holter Software, USB download cable, English language, plus selected options.

For practices that need an advanced Holter monitoring solution, the Burdick Vision Premier Holter Analysis Software by Burdick / Mortara provides a powerful diagnostic tool. The Vision Premier software adds expanded ECG viewing choices and a more comprehensive list of diagnostic tools to the easy-to-use Vision software.

  • Advanced capabilities including automatic categorization of heartbeats, tachogram review and full-disclosure viewing
  • Automatic categorization of Holter information into unique morphology forms including normal, ventricular, paced, SVE, unknown and artifact
  • System algorithms that automatically identify cardiac abnormalities and compile them into easy-to-read reports
  • 7-second diagnostic strip labeling for each cardiac abnormality. Includes classification, time of occurrence, heart rate and heartbeat annotations. Additional ECG-strip (EKG-strip) information can be inserted at any point
  • On-screen displays for global or individual episode review or edit
  • Automatic ST changes analyzes in three channels. Adjusts the analysis for different heart rates
  • Software with a category-specific histogram to review the frequency and severity of an arrhythmia
  • Tachogram review feature to identify, review, and note atrial fibrillation/flutter
  • On-screen calipers for easy and precise measurements. Can superimpose single or multi-beat modes complemented with a 30-second full-disclosure review and RR interval plot
  • Multiple ECG scanning modes (paging, superimposition or retrospective review) for reviewing data, capturing arrhythmias and compiling a final report
  • Collect and analyze up to 48 hours of 3-channel ECG recordings.
  • Optional remote mode to download and review heart rate and ECG data anytime, anywhere
  • 13-Month parts and labor warranty from manufacturer

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