Parker Single Bottle Thermasonic Gel Warmer (82‑01)

Parker Single Bottle Thermasonic Gel Warmer (82‑01)
Parker <u>Single Bottle</u> Thermasonic Gel&nbsp;Warmer&nbsp;(82&#8209;01)
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Product Description
PARKER SINGLE BOTTLE THERMASONIC GEL WARMER (82-01). NEW single bottle gel warmer rapidly heats ultrasound gel and consistently monitor temperature. Durable construction, suitable for wall mounting or countertop use and each unit comes with a two-year warranty. 120V. Price per each.

  • Powerful heating element uniformly heats bottles of gel
  • Microprocessor control maintains constant temperature
  • "Thermal cutoff" provides protection from overheating
  • Hospital-grade plug and power cord
  • High-density, impact-resistant composite
  • Heat Indicator Lamp on single-bottle unit
  • Low electrical demand

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