Disposable Holter / Telemetry Monitor Carrying Pouches (all sizes)

Beck Lee
A Holter Monitor is a device that attached to your body and monitors your heart rate for an extended period of time. An EKG machine is able to see your heart rate over a short period of time, but a Holter monitor can track it for 24 hours or longer.

By examining your heart function over time, cardiologists can tell if there are certain periods where the heart malfunctions, or if you have a fast or irregular heartbeat that wasn't observed during the doctor's visit. It also helps doctor monitor a pacemaker.

The small sized device is held in place with a Holter Pouch. The pouch houses the monitor device and is worn by the patient. Beck-Lee has a wide variety of Holter pouches to fit a number of monitors including disposable pouches for Digital Recorders, Burdick, Mortara, Welch-Allyn, Cardiac Science, Del-Mar, Covidian, Schiller and more. The pouches are comfortable for patients and secure the monitors well.
GE SEER LIGHT Recorder Holter Pouch (2008596-001)
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