Quidel Sofia-2 Fluorescent Immunoassay Analyzer (20299)

Quidel Sofia-2 Fluorescent Immunoassay Analyzer (20299)
Quidel Sofia-2 Fluorescent Immunoassay Analyzer (20299)
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Sofia 2 is a small bench top analyzer that uses advanced fluorescence detection with an ultraviolet LED energy source. Sofia 2 collects hundreds of data points on the test strip contained inside of a Sofia FIA Test Cassette. Sofia 2 uses proprietary algorithms to analyze the data, interpret the signals and determine the results automatically to give you an objective result you can rely on.

Sofia 2 offers an easy-to-use interface, customizable settings, flexible workflow, barcode technology and Virena® connectivity. Results are reported automatically on the screen and can be stored in Sofia 2, optionally printed on an external printer, or sent to Virena.

Sofia 2 has two modes that can be used depending on your workflow requirements.

Sofia 2 WALK AWAY mode may be most convenient for reading a single patient sample. In this mode, Advance Result Technology (ART) can provide results in as few as 3 minutes. The patient sample is dispensed into the Test Cassette and the Test Cassette is immediately placed in Sofia 2. Sofia 2 will automatically develop the Test Cassette for the required time period (pre-programmed for each test), scan the Test Cassette periodically, and display the test result.

Sofia 2 READ NOW mode may be most convenient for reading several patient samples. In this mode, the patient sample is dispensed into the Test Cassette. The user then manually times the development period outside of Sofia 2. This can be done on the counter or bench top using a timer. Once the development time is complete, the Test Cassette is placed in Sofia 2 where it is immediately scanned and the test result is displayed within one (1) minute.

Quick Features:
    Accurate, objective, automated results you can rely on
  • Accurate: Excellent sensitivity and specificity compared to molecular and viral culture methods
  • Objective: Fluorescent technology guarantees an objective result with no potential for subjective interpretation
  • Easy: Simple workflows with as few as one button press and ~1 minute of hands-on time
  • Fast: Results in 3-15 minutes (differs by assay)
  • Convenient: Small instrument size and room-temp storage of kits are suitable for any office or lab
  • Efficient: Automatically stores patient results - results never expire! View results from your computer using Virena.

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