SkinTact™ ECG Electrodes

Beck Lee
SKINTACT EKG / ECG ELECTRODES - Great Electrodes for Resting EKG procedures, Holter Monitoring, and Stress-Testing.

Resting tab, wet-gel foam, solid-gel cloth and clear-tape monitoring electrode product numbers include: RT24, RT41, W601, CT601.
SkinTact™ Resting EKG Tab Electrodes (RT24)
Regular price:$4.95
Sale Price:$4.25
SkinTact™ Resting EKG Tab Electrodes (RT41)
Regular price:$5.95
Sale Price:$4.75
SkinTact™ Clear-Tape Monitoring EKG Electrodes (CT601)
Regular price:$285.00
Sale Price:$259.00
SkinTact™ Foam Wet Gel EKG Electrodes (FS40)
Regular price:$183.00
Sale Price:$169.00
SkinTact™ Stress Test ECG Electrodes (FS-50)
Regular price:$249.00
Sale Price:$199.50
SkinTact™ EMS Wet-Gel EKG Electrodes (FSTB)
Regular price:$750.00
Sale Price:$685.00