Diabetes Management, PT/INR, Hemoglobin Testing

Beck Lee
Diabetes management and how lifestyle and daily routine affect blood sugar. Diabetes management requires awareness. Know what makes blood sugar level rise and fall and how to control day-to-day factors. We carry monitors and test strips from leading manufacturers for diabetes testing, PT/INR testing as well as Hemoglobin A1C.
Coag-Sense® PT2 Meter Test Strip Kit (03P56-50)
Regular price:$335.10
Sale Price:$268.08
Roche CoaguChex XS Pro System Meter (04837975001)
Regular price:$675.00
Sale Price:$599.00
Roche CoaguChek PT/INR Test Strips (04625315160)
Regular price:$403.52
Sale Price:$295.15
Clarity HbCheck Hemoglobin Meter PROMO!
Regular price:$310.00
Sale Price:$279.00
Clarity Blood Glucose Monitor System (CD‑BG1)
Regular price:$28.00
Sale Price:$19.95
Clarity HbCheck Hemoglobin Control Solution (CLA-HB4)
Regular price:$103.65
Sale Price:$88.10
Ascensia Contour Blood Glucose Test Strips 100/BX (7090G)
Regular price:$215.00
Sale Price:$189.00
Bayer Contour Next EZ Test Strips (7311)
Regular price:$115.00
Sale Price:$96.50
HemoCue MicroCuvettes for Hb 801 Analyzer 200/BX (111902)
Regular price:$450.00
Sale Price:$389.00
PTS Diagnostics A1CNow+ System (3024)
Regular price:$170.00
Sale Price:$149.00
EKF Hemopoint H2 Hemoglobin Meter (G3000-SP)
Regular price:$575.00
Sale Price:$498.00
EKF Stanbio HemoPoint H2 nxt Microcuvettes (3015-100)
Regular price:$185.00
Sale Price:$159.00
Globe Scientific Sedi-Rate ESR System 100/BX (3469)
Regular price:$125.00
Sale Price:$105.00