Burdick / Mortara / Quinton EKG Machines

BURDICK / MORTARA / QUINTON EKG MACHINES / HOLTER - Burdick is a leading creator of electrocardiograph machines with more than 50 years of experience supplying EKG/ ECG machines to hospitals, doctor's offices and more. It recently became part of the Mortara family. Burdick machines come in a wide variety of sizes and price range to fit every budget and need. There are portable solutions that have the same functionality as larger versions, but compact and lightweight. Many Burdick EKG/ ECH machines provide for wireless data acquisition and 12-lead data. They have a high resolution display and a special Veritas algorithm lets doctors create gender specific, adult and pediatric profiles as well. Burdick has a reputation in the cardiology industry as one of the most reliable EKG/ ECH machines available.

We endorse major EKG manufacturers including: Burdick, Mortara, Quinton EKG Machines We carry genuine Burdick, Mortara, and Quinton Chart Paper to fit all EKG Machines.
Burdick / Mortara ELI-230 Portable ECG Machine
Regular price:$2,325.00
Sale Price:$1,975.00
Burdick / Mortara ELI‑250C ECG Machine
Regular price:$4,595.00
Sale Price:$4,095.00
Burdick / Mortara ELI‑280 ECG Machine
Regular price:$4,650.00
Sale Price:$4,095.00
Burdick / Mortara ELI-280 and ELI-380 ECG Mobile Cart
Regular price:$1,225.00
Sale Price:$998.00
Quinton Q-Stress ECG Systems (from $17,235)
Regular price:$23,550.00
Sale Price:$17,235.00
Quinton TM55 ECG Stress Test Treadmill
Regular price:$7,150.00
Sale Price:$6,357.00
Burdick 4250 Digital Holter Recorder (92516‑01)
Regular price:$2,250.00
Sale Price:$1,895.00
Burdick / Mortara H3+ Holter Recorder
Regular price:$2,050.00
Sale Price:$1,778.00
Burdick / Mortara Vision Holter Software
Regular price:$4,750.00
Sale Price:$3,995.00
Burdick Standard Duty ECG Cart (XRC000002A)
Regular price:$725.00
Sale Price:$625.00
Burdick Deluxe ECG Cart (XCR000001A)
Regular price:$1,025.00
Sale Price:$885.00
Burdick Resting ECG Cable (012-0844-01)
Regular price:$315.00
Sale Price:$266.00