Edan SE-1515 DP-12 PC Based ECG Machine $1659.00

Edan SE-1515 DP-12 PC Based ECG Machine $1659.00
Edan SE-1515 <u>DP-12</u> PC Based ECG Machine $1659.00
Regular price:$2,294.00
Sale Price:$1,659.00
Product Description
EDAN SE-1515 PC BASED WIRED ECG (SE-1515 DP12). Simultaneous 12 leads acquisition and recording with integrated data sampling module and software. Auto and manual measurement and interpretation with unlimited storage. WORD and PDF format report can be transferred via E-mail. 30s-900s HRV (heart rate variability) sample and analysis, also advance analysis function: VCG, TVCG, VLP, HRT, QT, diversion, HFECG, Frequency spectrum ECG.Call for Best Pricing

Key Features:
  • Powerful software with comprehensive functions
  • 9/12/15/16/18-lead ECG configurable
  • DE15/DE18 sampling box with convenient sampling button and signal quality indicator
  • Multi-user Permission Configuration
  • Enhanced powerful technical specifications provides reliable signal quality
  • Lead reversal function to easily rectify wrong placement of electrodes
  • Auto arrhythmia detection highlights the arrhythmia part on ECG traces automatically
  • Event marker enables you to take notes anytime during sampling
  • Feature description offers you more confidence for the diagnosis conclusion
  • Reports comparison provides you an easy way of comparing ECG traces
  • Stress test function (Optional)

Data Management System
  • Support all EDAN ECGs except SE-1/100
  • Bi-directional communication with ECGs
  • Multi-user Permission Configuration
  • Worklist support
  • Patient information and ECG data management
  • ECG reports printing on A4 paper
  • Massive data sharing and management solution
  • Multi-format reports transferrable via Email
  • Support multi-format reports: XML/SCP/DICOM/PDF/JPG/BMP/TIF/PNG

Standard Accessories:
  • ECG Data Sampling Box
  • 1 ECG Cable (Snap style, AHA)
  • 100 Resting Tab Electrodes
  • 10 Universal Clip Adapters
  • 1 USB Connection Cable 9.5 feet
  • PC ECG Software CD
  • 1 USB Sentinel (for both STRESS test and resting ECG)
  • Carrying Bag, PC ECG User Manual, Quick Reference Card, User Guide for Interpretation, Software Install Guide

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