Welch Allyn TagEcg™ Wearable ECG Sensors

Welch Allyn TagEcg™ Wearable ECG Sensors
Welch Allyn TagEcg™ Wearable ECG SensorsWelch Allyn TagEcg™ Wearable ECG Sensors
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Product Description
Up to 7-Days Welch Allyn TAGecg™ Wearable ECG Sensor (TAGecg-5). The TAGecg sensor is a wearable continuous ECG recorder that transforms arrhythmia detection and management at the point of care. The ECG sensor empowers primary care, cardiology and hospital clinicians to better detect irregular heart rhythms such as A-Fib and flutter in the office, which can reduce time to diagnose and improve the patient experience. Featuring no leads or wires, this patient friendly technology can help improve patient compliance and outcomes. And the simple, reimbursable procedure can help improve financial outcomes for your practice or office. 5PK/BX. Priced per Box.

  • Small, lightweight, single-lead continuous ECG sensor records for up to 7 days
  • Discrete, wireless & water-resistant - no disruption to patient's daily activities
  • Proprietary algorithm effective in detecting A-Fib and flutter with greater than 98% PPV and sensitivity of 96%
  • Streamline office workflows with easy application and access to the entire ECG recording
  • Report generated immediately and delivers actionable snapshots of patient data
  • Connect, analyze and interpret results from your office
  • No third-party service or dedicated staff required

Includes: TAGecg wearable sensor 5 pack, 7-day wearable single channel ECG recorder with prep kit, application template, patient diary; TAGecg Sensor User Manual.

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