Northeast Monitoring Holter LX® Analysis Software (Enhanced)

Northeast Monitoring Holter LX® Analysis Software (Enhanced)
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Product Description
The Holter LX® Analysis Software comes in four levels of functionality: Basic, Enhanced, Enhanced Plus, and Pro. This is the Enhanced version. Each is tailored to address the varied needs of our diverse user community. The software and efficient file structure on which it is built offer the doctor's office, the scanning service, or the most demanding cardiac research or clinical applications, the fastest and most user-friendly environment in which to reduce megabits of data to the critical reports necessary in today's world.

Software Performance and Specifications:

Arrhythmia Detection:
  • AFib - Enhanced Atrial Fibrillation beat detection and analysis
  • Ventricular Premature Beats (VPBs)
  • Supraventricular Premature Beats (SVPBs)

Maximum time analyzed:
  • 14 days

Presentation of data:
  • Standard 25 mm/s for 3-lead and 12-lead recordings
  • 50 mm/s available for 12-lead recordings
  • All 12-lead data displayed for 12-lead recordings
  • For oximetry recordings, SpO2 replaces 3rd channel
  • Calibration indication can be provided in reports

ST Segment slope:
  • Positive or negative slope indicated based on manual setting of cursors by trained operator