Edan iM60 Touch Screen Patient Monitor (NIBP, ECG, SpO2, Resp, Temp, EtCO2)

Edan iM60 Touch Screen Patient Monitor (NIBP, ECG, SpO2, Resp, Temp, EtCO2)
Edan iM60 <u>Touch Screen</u> Patient Monitor (NIBP,&nbsp;ECG,&nbsp;SpO2,&nbsp;Resp,&nbsp;Temp, EtCO2)
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Product Description
The Edan iM60 Patrient Monitor is feature-rich, optimized, and can adapt to a wide range of sub-acute divisions and includes Hl7, LAN & Wi-Fi communication abilities. Has a High-Resolution 10-inch color Touch Screen, water-proof and dust-proof keypad, pacemaker detection, and customizable alarms. Measures for NIBP, ECG, SpO2, Resp, Temp, EtCO2 (LoFlo).

Included Standard accessories:
  • NIBP Cuff, Adult, 27cm-35cm, reusable with EDAN logo
  • Reusable NIBP Tube for reusable cuffs, 3m
  • Edan Adult Hard-Shell SpO2 Finger Sensor (Lemo), 2.5m, reusable
  • ECG Cable, 3 lead, snap, Defib, AHA, 3.5m, reusable
  • Respironics EtCO2 Sensor, LoFlo Side stream
  • Adult Nasal Canula, CO2 Sampling, Integrated
  • CO2 Straight Sample Line, Dehumification, 120hrs, Male LL
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery for Edan monitors (14.8V, 2500mAh)
  • Power Cord (USA standard)
  • Ground Cable
  • User Manual

Basic Measurements for Sub-acute Cares:
  • A full set of basic parameters including 3/5 lead, ECG, HR, RESP, EDAN SpO2 (NELLCOR optional), NIBP, PR and 2-channel temperature is employed

Critical Measurements for Acute Cares:
  • The introduction of 2-channel invasive BP, cardiac output, and end tidal carbon dioxide may suit the requirements of most acute cares

Reliable Algorithms:
  • iSEAP® ECG algorithm optimized for arrhythmia detection, pacemaker detection, and HR measurement
  • iMAT® SpO2 algorithm with outstanding motion resistance and low perfusion resistance performance
  • iCUFS® NIBP algorithm optimized for cardiac patients, hypertensive patients, and neonatal patients