Cardinal Kendall ECG Electrodes

Beck Lee
Cardinal Health Kendall EKG / ECG Electrodes - A Leader in Cardiac and Diagnostic Monitoring & OR Products that significantly enhance caregiver/patient efficiencies. Selected electrodes include Tab ECG Electrodes, Resting, Stress, Holter, and Monitoring for your diagnostic needs.
Cardinal/Kendall RT600 Radiotranslucent Electrode
Regular price:$249.00
Sale Price:$205.00
Cardinal Health Q-Trace™ Tab EKG Electrodes (5400)
Regular price:$63.65
Sale Price:$56.25
Cardinal Health Kendall Tab EKG Electrodes (CA310)
Regular price:$7.00
Sale Price:$5.50
Cardinal Medi-Trace MT710 Tab Electrodes (EF00145)
Regular price:$6.00
Sale Price:$4.95
Cardinal/Kendall 450 Series EKG Electrode
Regular price:$185.00
Sale Price:$156.00