EKG Stress Test Belts & Pouches

When doing a stress test using a EKG machine, EKG stress tests belts and pouches help keep everything stable and contained. They're great for both hospitals and doctor's offices.

EKG Stress Test Belts & Pouches. By Beck-Lee and G.E., Carefusion. Perfect accessory for secure and comfortable holding of EKG module during treadmill or bicycle stress test procedures.
GE CAM-14 Stress Test Pouch (421012-001)
Regular price:$37.50
Sale Price:$25.95
GE Belt Extender CAM-14 Stress Pouch (421012‑002)
Regular price:$19.25
Sale Price:$13.50
Beck-Lee Stress Test Belt / Pouch
Regular price:$27.50
Sale Price:$18.75