Edan Vascular Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler (SD3.PRO) $335 w/Probe

Edan Vascular Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler (SD3.PRO) $335 w/Probe
Edan Vascular Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler (SD3.PRO) $335 w/Probe
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Product Description
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The Edan SD3 Pro Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler offers superior performance for a great value. With excellent sensitivity, complete interchangeability, and high durability, the SD3 Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler is ideal for routine fetal heart rate detection.

The SD3 Pro is designed for auscultation (intermittent listening) of fetal sound. The 2 or 3 MHz waterproof probes can be used for the detection of fetal heart rate as a general indication of fetal well being and also to verify fetal heart viability following patient trauma.

The unit can also be equipped with 4MHz or 8 MHz probes for vascular diagnosis.

See "Options" above for Waterproof Probe Selections

  • Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery ensures long working time
  • Record & play with audio playback and numeric display
  • Plug-and-play, waterproof interchangeable probes
  • Compact design with easy one-hand operation
  • 2 MHz probe with deep penetration for late term-pregnancy and overweight patients
  • 3 MHz probe may detect fetal heartbeat as early as 9 weeks
  • AA batteries compatible
  • Unique charger stand design for organized storage
  • Automatic power-off while putting the probe back to the rack (SD3Plus & SD3Pro)
  • Real-time monitoring for daily use
  • Normal AA batteries for easy replacements
  • Unique charger stand design
  • 4/5/8MHz probe for blood flow detection

INCLUDES: SD3 Pro Doppler with Charger and Selected Probe.