EKG Accessories & Supplies

EKG machines are complex and there are innumerable supplies and accessories hospitals and physicians can use. Every patient is different and their needs varied, so having a supply of these on-hand for everyday situations is imperative. Some of these will be used every day and others may only be used occasionally, but you don't want to be without an important EKG accessory when you really need it.

Holter monitors allow doctor's to see you heart rhythm over periods of days instead of hours. They're smaller EKG machines that connect to your chest and stay with you, taking continuous readings. This is ideal for situations where the problems aren't consistent such as arrhythmia and tachycardia. They may only happen occasionally and not when at the doctor's office.

We carry a large selection of Holter monitors as well as accessories including carrying bags, Holter vests and more.

EKG Accessories and EKG Supplies including EKG Mounts, EKG Adapters, Holter Kits & Pouches, EKG Gels and Creams, EKG Prep Pads, Prep Razors, Limb Clamps and Welch Bulbs, Stress Test Kits and Belts, and much more.