EKG Skin Prep Pads, Gel, Cream, Sprays & Strips

Beck Lee
When using an EKG device it's important to not only have conductive gel, but also the skin prepared to make the best connection. Beck Lee has a wide selection of conductive gels and creams as well as pads and accessories to prep the skin for the test.

EKG Skin Prep Pads, Gels, Cream, Sprays, and Strips. Perfect preparation for routine EKGs, ECG Stress Tests, Holter and Telemetry procedures. Great manufacturers including 3M, Parker Laboratories, Weaver, Pharmaceutical Innovations, and Nikomed.
New! PREPSTER-Mini Abrasive Skin Prep Pads Bulk Pack
Regular price:$69.00
Sale Price:$48.50
NEW! Prepster Skin Prep Pad Excellent for EKG Prep
Regular price:$15.50
Sale Price:$11.85
Scrubby Dry Skin EKG Prep Pad (9386‑100W)
Regular price:$59.00
Sale Price:$48.50
NikoMed NikoPrep EKG Strip (2121)
Regular price:$79.71
Sale Price:$69.75
EKG Leadwire Secure Tape Strips (1" x 4")
Regular price:$39.50
Sale Price:$31.00
3M "One-Step" Skin Prep Tape (2236)
Regular price:$30.85
Sale Price:$24.95
NuPrep Skin Prep Gel (10-30)
Regular price:$43.00
Sale Price:$36.50
Parker Labs Spectra 360 Electrode Gel (12-08)
Regular price:$3.75
Sale Price:$3.15
Parker Labs Signa Gel 250mg Tube (15-25)
Regular price:$4.25
Sale Price:$3.69
Parker Labs Signa Gel 60gm Tube (15-60)
Regular price:$2.25
Sale Price:$1.79
Parker Labs Signa Creme Electrode Creme (17‑20)
Regular price:$125.00
Sale Price:$112.00
Lectron II Conductivity Gel (36‑3000‑25)
Regular price:$6.50
Sale Price:$5.25