Every doctor's office has the tools and supplies needed for a basic exam. If you're looking for gooseneck lights, mayo stands, stools, I.V. poles, sundry jars and more, then Beck-Lee has the selection you need.
PDI Castile Soap Towelette 10BX/CS (D41900)
Regular price:$49.00
Sale Price:$39.95
PDI Povidone-Iodine Swabsticks 1's (S41350)
Regular price:$10.25
Sale Price:$8.59
PDI Povidone-Iodine Swabsticks 3's (S41125)
Regular price:$10.25
Sale Price:$8.59
Adult Tongue Depressors 500/BX (72000)
Regular price:$10.50
Sale Price:$8.75
Dynarex Senior Tongue Depressors 6" Sterile (4314)
Regular price:$5.95
Sale Price:$4.65
Anchor Surgical Scrub Brush 4/PK
Regular price:$25.95
Sale Price:$20.50
Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 70% 16oz (P907016)
Regular price:$5.95
Sale Price:$4.25
Povidone Iodine Prep Solution 16oz (1415)
Regular price:$8.21
Sale Price:$6.58
Pro Advantage Cotton Balls MEDIUM (P159025)
Regular price:$10.50
Sale Price:$8.95
Surgical Earloop Face Masks Level-2 (MEL040B)
Regular price:$7.50
Sale Price:$4.99
Dukal Non-Skid Shoe Covers Blue 100/BG (350-10)
Regular price:$15.00
Sale Price:$11.65
Disposable Medicine Cups Plastic (1‑OZ) (P250550)
Regular price:$2.25
Sale Price:$1.75
Detecto SOLO Digital Eye-Level Physician Scale
Regular price:$595.00
Sale Price:$539.00
Doran Mechanical Physician Scale (DS2100)
Regular price:$315.00
Sale Price:$265.00
Luxor 3-Shelves Medical Utility Cart (HE34-G)
Regular price:$225.00
Sale Price:$179.00
I.V. Pole Adjustable Height 2‑Hook 5‑Caster (4355)
Regular price:$165.00
Sale Price:$139.00
Dukal Mayo Stand (4352)
Regular price:$155.00
Sale Price:$129.00
Gooseneck Exam Lamp (1697-1)
Regular price:$135.00
Sale Price:$109.00
Dukal Plastic Sundry Jars 5/Set (4019)
Regular price:$38.00
Sale Price:$29.50
Sundry Jars Glass Labeled 5/Set (3454)
Regular price:$75.00
Sale Price:$63.00
Tape Measure Length: 72" Width: 1/4" (4414)
Regular price:$5.25
Sale Price:$3.95
Protective Eye Wear (2199)
Regular price:$2.95
Sale Price:$2.29