Beck Lee
IV Administration Sets and Extension Sets by Dynarex, and Exel. Various lengths. Non-DEHP tubing. Not made with natural rubber latex . Non-Pyrogenic. Sterile-individually packaged.
Exel IV Extension Sets 12" 100/cs
Regular price:$78.00
Sale Price:$69.50
Exel IV Extension Sets 20" 100/cs
Regular price:$139.00
Sale Price:$123.00
Exel IV Extension Sets 20" w/Injection Site 100/cs
Regular price:$145.00
Sale Price:$129.00
Exel IV Extension Sets 30" 100/cs
Regular price:$142.00
Sale Price:$127.00
Exel IV Extension Sets 30" w/Injection Site 100/cs
Regular price:$148.00
Sale Price:$133.00
Exel Injection Plugs with Cap Luer Lock (26539)
Regular price:$32.85
Sale Price:$28.22
Baxter INTERLINK® Injection Site
Regular price:$625.00
Sale Price:$549.00
B.Braun Small Bore IV Extension Sets (ET06S)
Regular price:$3.05
Sale Price:$2.29
Dynarex IV Extension Sets 6", 7", & 8" 100/bx
Regular price:$145.00
Sale Price:$129.00
BD Universal Blunt Cannula 17G
Regular price:$41.00
Sale Price:$33.95
Dynarex IV Start Kit
Regular price:$2.15
Sale Price:$1.65