Edan iT20 Telemetry Transmitter NEW! from $829

Edan iT20 Telemetry Transmitter NEW! from $829
Edan iT20 Telemetry Transmitter NEW! from $829
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Product Description

Edan iT20 Telemetry Transmitter is a Wi-Fi based telemetry transmitter with standard ECG monitoring functionality and optional pulse oximetry. While communicating with the MFM-CMS in real time, iT20 enhances the overall monitoring, especially for in-hospital mobile cardiac patients and rehabilitation. It also can be applied as a backup device for emergency cases in hospital.

The iT20 provides constant ECG, RR, PR and SpO2 monitoring for mobile cardiac patients. Store up to 240 hours of trends and 720 different events for each patient on the MFM-CMS. The ECG algorithm is optimized for arrhythmia detection, pacemaker detection, ST analysis, and HR measurement via 3/5 leads (IEC or AHA). The Sp02 algorithm has outstanding motion resistance and low perfusion resistance.

3 or 5 lead ECG, optional SPO2. (See Options above).

The iT20 communicates with the central monitoring system real time making multiple patient monitoring and management easier. You can effortlessly contact others with the bi-direction nurse call function. Up to 64 units can connect to a MFM-CMS at the same time and the web access capability allows for caregivers to log into the system from anywhere, anytime.

The telemetry transmitter is great for cardiac divisions, intensive care or general wards. It is IPX7 waterproof and will withstand damage from water or cleaning products. One AA battery will give 100 hours of power, and it can be applied as a backup device during emergency power situations. Its small size makes it easily portable and comfortable for patients during use.