GE ECG Machines

Beck Lee
General Electric has been a trusted name in electronics for decades and that reputation continues with the GE EKG/ GE ECG machines. We have a wide variety of options from the resting to portable models as well as mobile trolley cards for easy transportation. GE Healthcare has long provided long lasting quality ECG/ EKG machines and we are proud to offer a suite of their products.

GE EKG MACHINES MAC 5, MAC 1200, MAC 2000, MAC 3500, MAC 5500, MAC VU360, and CardioSoft - GE Healthcare has brought continued innovation to diagnostic cardiology solutions over the years. Today, GE is committed to improving ECG analysis and developing new solutions more than ever. Whether you are performing a resting, stress or Holter cardiac examination, choose GE.

We endorse leading EKG manufacturers including GE Healthcare:
Regular price:$3,995.00
Sale Price:$3,561.95
GE MAC VU360™ Resting ECG Machine
Regular price:$17,500.00
Sale Price:$15,398.00
GE MAC 2000 Portable Resting ECG Machine - SPECIAL PRICING
Regular price:$3,450.00
Sale Price:$2,869.00
GE MAC 3500 Resting ECG Machine
Regular price:$9,998.00
Sale Price:$8,795.00
GE MAC 5500HD EKG Machine from $11,335
Regular price:$16,550.00
Sale Price:$11,335.00
GE CardioSoft 6.7v PC Based ECG EKG System from $3,429
Regular price:$6,025.00
Sale Price:$3,429.00
GE CASE v6.73 ECG Exercise Stress Testing System (from $12,634)
Regular price:$23,932.00
Sale Price:$12,634.00
GE T2100-ST1 Treadmill for Stress Test System
Regular price:$7,100.00
Sale Price:$5,983.00
GE Mobile Trolley Cart for MAC ECG Machines
Regular price:$1,350.00
Sale Price:$1,049.00