Cardioline EKG Machines

Beck Lee
Cardioline isn't just an electrocardiogram company, they're an industry leader. With state-of-the-art machines, they are providing hospitals and doctor's offices with the highest quality EKG/ ECG machines available. They come in numerous sizes and prices with a variety of features. We have portable machines that feature dual power supplies. Beck-Lee also features the ClickHolter portable EKG/ ECG recorder that can save data without using a separate removable device. Cardioline are some of the best on the market and we have several models available for hospitals and doctor's offices.
Cardioline ar600adv ECG Machine
Regular price:$2,595.00
Sale Price:$1,935.00
Cardioline ar1200adv ECG Machine
Regular price:$2,350.00
Sale Price:$1,795.00
Cardioline ar2100 Series ECG Machines
Regular price:$3,015.00
Sale Price:$2,639.00