Vermed EKG / ECG Electrodes

VERMED EKG / ECG ELECTRODES - Vermed has a vertically-integrated manufacturing operation, dedicated to the manufacture of medical electrodes, including ICG, ECG, Stress Testing, Holter, Monitoring, EMG, EEG, TENS and for a variety of other physiological measurements. Hydrogels are among Vermed's core competencies. Made in the USA.

Economy Tab, Resting Tab, Stress/Holter, Silverest, Resting Vinyl Tape, Resting Foam and Economy Solid Gel Stress Electrodes include product numbers: A10201, A10022, A10012-5S, A10013-100S, A10015-10S, A10049, A10005, A10005-60, A10006-5T, A10009, A10009-100F, V8950
Vermed Resting Tab EKG Electrodes (A10022)
Regular price:$6.95
Sale Price:$5.45
Vermed Stress / Holter EKG Electrodes (A10012‑5S)
Regular price:$57.00
Sale Price:$45.50
Vermed SilveRest™ Resting EKG Electrodes (A10049)
Regular price:$11.75
Sale Price:$9.25
Vermed Stress / Holter EKG Electrodes (A10005) Series
Regular price:$27.50
Sale Price:$19.75
Vermed Stress / Holter EKG Electrodes (A10006‑5T)
Regular price:$31.50
Sale Price:$22.95
Vermed Resting Vinyl Tape EKG Electrodes (A10009)
Regular price:$43.50
Sale Price:$34.95
Vermed Resting Foam EKG Electrodes (A10009‑100F)
Regular price:$16.95
Sale Price:$12.75
Vermed Stress / Holter EKG Electrodes (A10098‑5NB)
Regular price:$115.00
Sale Price:$94.00
Vermed EKG Electrodes Stress / Holter / Resting
Regular price:$21.25
Sale Price:$14.50
Vermed EMS / Emergency EKG Electrodes (A10003-3)
Regular price:$250.00
Sale Price:$229.00