Bionet EKG / ECG Machines

Beck Lee
BEST BUY on CardioCare 2000, CardioTouch 3000 and Cardio7.

Bionet EKG/ ECG machines are known for their dependability and amazing price. Some of Bionet's ECG machines allow for doctors to see results before the printing, examine the dual results at the same time and increase the viewing size of specific areas of the heart rhythm.

Bionet machines are superfast, creating results in less than a minute in many cases and offering 12 channel systems with more than 80 different types of interpretations. They can be hooked up to computers, fax machines and more. Don't let your hospital, doctor's office or emergency room be without one of these lifesaving machines.
Bionet CardioCare 2000 EKG Machine just $1,195
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Bionet Mobile EKG Cart
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