Cardioline ar2100 Series ECG Machines

Cardioline ar2100 Series ECG Machines
Cardioline ar2100 <u>Series</u> ECG&nbsp;Machines
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ar2100viewBT Features
CARDIOLINE ar2100 Series ECG MACHINE - Cardioline ar2100view combines optimised performance in multi-channel ECG recording equipped with 12 channels color graphic display and A4 format print system with all the features of reliability, modularity, versatility and upgradeability that characterise the latest generation of CARDIOLINE electrocardiographs.

  • Cardioline ar2100view has dual power supply (mains and rechargeable internal batteries), which in the basic configuration allow to:

  • Recording of an ECG in either automatic, manual mode and pre-programmed

  • Printing the ECG on 210mm in different format paper using a high-resolution thermal printer

  • Sorting of the tests according to clock, date and alphanumeric keyboard to manage user and patient data

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The Cardioline ar2100viewBT ECG Machine features:

  • Digital ECG - bluetooth ar2100viewbt allows a PC innovative, simple and flexible connection for the one that desires the digital archive without being bound to a fixed position of recording with more ECGs "operational", but also for the one who wants a PC-ECG without abdicating to a traditional solution and "wireless"

  • Automatic, manual and preprogrammed recording mode

  • Multi-channel print format on A4 paper: 3, 6x1, 6x2, "Full Page" (3x4+R) and (3x4+3R), 12 channel LCD Display type for ECG real time 3, 6, 6+6 channels. Extended alphanumeric keyboard

  • Dual power supply: mains and rechargeable internal battery

  • Memory of the last ECG recording and printing of additional copies, also Time and Date indication

  • CUBE SOFTWARE option for BT function. Allows the BT function to stream ECG data in real time to a computer or upload saved tests wirelessly.

  • Option available: Memory option, PC archive option, ECG measurements option, ECG analysis program, Arrhythmia option, HRV analysis optionPC ECG option

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