Nikomed ECG / EKG Electrodes

Beck Lee
NIKOMED EKG / ECG ELECTRODES - Since 1986, Nikomed has been dedicated to providing the highest quality EKG Electrodes, Monitoring Electrodes, Electro-Surgical Grounding Pads, Cardiology Supplies and related accessories. Every product we offer is of value to healthcare providers. We continue to develop innovative and problem-solving solutions that set the standard for excellence. Together, we are partners in healthcare.

Tab and Stress Electrode product numbers include: 0315, 0515, 0715, 0815, 5560, 2015, 2016, 5500N, 5520, 5539-5, 5550, 2002.
NikoTabs™ EKG Tab Electrodes (0315)
Regular price:$40.80
Sale Price:$32.65
NikoTabs™ EKG Tab Electrodes (0515)
Regular price:$7.25
Sale Price:$6.15
NikoTabs™ EKG Tab Electrodes (0715)
Regular price:$41.95
Sale Price:$37.75
Nikomed Infant EKG Tab Electrodes (0815)
Regular price:$6.75
Sale Price:$5.25
Nikomed Trace-1™ Stress Test EKG Electrodes (5560)
Regular price:$105.00
Sale Price:$86.00
Nikomed Stress / Holter EKG Electrodes (5500)
Regular price:$133.35
Sale Price:$106.65
Nikomed Pacemaker / Research EKG Electrodes (5520)
Regular price:$130.00
Sale Price:$113.00