Parker Labs Ultrasound Products

Beck Lee
Parker Labs Ultrasound Gels, Blue and Clear, several sizes, Ultrasound Probe Disinfectant, Probe Covers, Gel Warmers, Transeptic Spray. The very best quality and world popular brand.
Parker Aquasonic 100 Ultrasonic Gel 250mL (01‑08)
Regular price:$3.05
Sale Price:$2.49
Parker Labs Aquaflex Ultrasound Gel Pads (04-02)
Regular price:$52.00
Sale Price:$43.50
Parker Labs 20-Gram Packettes Thermasonic Gel Warmer
Regular price:$230.00
Sale Price:$195.00
Parker Single Bottle Thermasonic Gel Warmer (82‑01)
Regular price:$160.00
Sale Price:$139.00
Parker Eclipse Ultrasound Probe Cover (38-01)
Regular price:$89.57
Sale Price:$71.75
Parker Eclipse 3D/4D Ultrasound Probe Cover (38‑03)
Regular price:$113.30
Sale Price:$90.65