EKG Cable / Leadwire Adapter Clips

Beck Lee
EKG CABLE LEADWIRE ADAPTER CLIPS. We carry a wide selection of ECG-Clips and Adapters to fit every brand and type of EKG Electrode, Snap or Tab style including Clear-Choice, Sure-Lock, Nikoclip, MSB-10, Alligator style. Mortara, Burdick, G.E., Philips, many more.
Sure-Lock™ EKG Electrode Clips
Regular price:$46.95
Sale Price:$37.95
NikoClip™ Tab/Snap EKG Electrode Adapter Clip
Regular price:$38.00
Sale Price:$29.95
G.E. Vyaire ECG Adapter Clips (2056813-010)
Regular price:$38.50
Sale Price:$33.95
Midmark Universal ECG Clips (3-047-0001)
Regular price:$91.00
Sale Price:$79.00
EKG Electrode Alligator Clip Adaptor (.125)
Regular price:$32.00
Sale Price:$26.50
EKG Electrode Alligator Clip Adaptor (.156)
Regular price:$30.00
Sale Price:$22.50
Philips ECG Alligator Clips (989803129231)
Regular price:$47.00
Sale Price:$39.50
GE EKG Patient Cable 22341809 (E9002PP) from $119
Regular price:$249.00
Sale Price:$119.00
EKG Adapter Leadwire 3mm (.125) to Snap Lead End
Regular price:$7.50
Sale Price:$5.98
EKG Adapter Leadwire 4mm (.156) to Snap Lead End
Regular price:$7.35
Sale Price:$4.98
EKG Pinch/Grabber Adaptors 3mm (10/PK)
Regular price:$39.50
Sale Price:$31.00