Sony Ultrasound Printers

Beck Lee
Sony Black & White and Color Ultrasound Printers. UP-X898MD, UP-D711MD, UP-971AD, UP-991AD, UP-D25MD, and UP-DR80MD. Image output quality at the very highest!

We endorse Sony Medical high quality ultrasound printers:
Sony Medical Printer Hybrid B/W (UP-X898MD)
Regular price:$925.00
Sale Price:$785.00
Sony Ultrasound Printer (UP‑D711MD)
Regular price:$1,000.00
Sale Price:$838.00
Sony Digital Color Printer (UP‑D25MD)
Regular price:$1,895.00
Sale Price:$1,599.00
Sony A4 Analog and Digital B/W Printer (UP-971AD)
Regular price:$2,950.00
Sale Price:$2,497.00
Sony A4 Analog and Digital B/W Printer (UP-991AD)
Regular price:$4,450.00
Sale Price:$3,899.00
Sony Full-Page A4 Digital Color Printer (UP‑DR80MD)
Regular price:$2,500.00
Sale Price:$2,149.00