BioZTECT™ ICG Sensing System for .com Systems (BZ‑4550‑50)

BioZTECT™ ICG Sensing System for .com Systems (BZ‑4550‑50)
BioZTECT™ ICG Sensing System for .com Systems (BZ‑4550‑50)
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BioZTECT™ ICG Sensing System for .COM Systems (BZ-4550-50). CardioDynamics BioTect .COM System ICG Electrodes for 12 Lead EKG and Hemodynamic Parameters. 2/STRIP, 4/PK, 50PK/CS (200 electrodes). Priced per Case.

Impedance cardiography (ICG) is a noninvasive technology measuring total electrical conductivity of the thorax and its changes in time to process continuously a number of cardiodynamic parameters, such as Stroke Volume (SV), Heart Rate (HR), Cardiac Output (CO), Ventricular Ejection Time (VET), Pre-ejection Period and used to detect the impedance changes caused by a high-frequency, low magnitude current flowing through the thorax between additional two pairs of electrodes located outside of the measured segment. The sensing electrodes also detect the ECG signal, which is used as a timing clock of the system.

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