Common Problems With ECG Machines

Beck Lee

ECG machines are common in hospitals and doctor’s offices all across the world and provide a much needed service, but they’re not indestructible. They’re just like any other machines and over time will incur problems that need to be fixed. When these problems become a hassle or may cause problems with proper diagnosis, it’s time to get it replaced.

Wear and tear

A good ECG machine can last a decade or more, but it may start having problems after a few years. The older the unit is, the more likely for mechanical problems. It could be as simple as the leads needing replaced or an issue with the paper feeder, but there are several sensitive components in the machine that can act up.

At the very least, it could cause the machine to be down for several weeks as it gets fixed. At worst, it could impact proper diagnosis.  That could threaten the life of the patient and open you up to potential lawsuits. It’s not worth the risk. Whether you have one ECG machine or 20, keeping them in proper working order is imperative.


The world keeps changing and with it so do the needs and expectations of the patients. The world is awash with digital everything from smartphones to refrigerators. People and medical professionals want more and they can’t get it from older models of ECG machine. They want to be able to get results sent to their computers. They want them faster and they want less hassle.

One of the largest ongoing costs of an ECG machine is paper. It’s constantly being used and hospitals or doctor’s offices can go through miles of paper. Newer machines can forego the paper entirely and send the information directly to you.

Prevention is Key

Preventative maintenance of your ECG machine is the key to making sure it provides accurate results. Don’t wait until you believe something it wrong and instead have it regularly inspected. Trained technicians can find any existing problems or on the verge of developing. If there ever comes a time when the problems become harder and harder to justify replacing, then have the unity replaced. Better yet, plan on replacing a unit every 5-7 years. A regular maintenance schedule can save a lot of heartache in the long run.

Beck-Lee has an extensive variety of ECG machines available to fit all needs and budgets. Don’t forget about all your ECG accessories like leads and paper. Take your time and find the ECG machine that fits your hospital or doctor’s office best.