Does Your EKG Machine Need Replaced?

ekg machineOdds are you've had EKG machines in your office for years and never thought of replacing them. The machines are common place in many medical facilities from hospitals and doctor's office to medical and nursing schools, and reliability can wane over the years requiring EKG machine replacement.

Time Is Not On Your Side

One of the biggest culprits in EKG malfunction is the passage of time. The components of the machine begin to show signs of wear and tear. It may not be apparent at first because it may keep working. The worst case scenario is it causes the reading to be off and impair proper diagnosis. In an industry where patient outcomes are of supreme importance, you want a machine that works all the time and is accurate. As the machines age, they'll begin to nickel and dime you into replacement. It will start out as one thing wrong and then another. Soon, your EKG machine will spend more time being repaired than helping your patients. EKG replacement needs to be a regular occurrence. Take care of it before it becomes a nuisance. If your establishment has multiple machines, then replace them at regular intervals. One of the biggest problems with older EKG machines is finding parts. Companies discontinue models and repair parts dry up, leaving you in a lurch. Replacing EKG machines once every 5 to 10 years ensures that you're not only staying ahead of any problems, but also staying current with technology.

Modern EKG Machines Means Modern Technology

The world changes rapidly and technology is constantly improving to make it easier for patients and you to get the results you need fast. The latest EKG machines are designed with secure Wi-Fi integration. You can look at the reading at the machines or have it transferred to a computer in your office. One of the biggest expenses associated with the machines is EKG paper and this feature dramatically reduces that cost. Modern EKG machines can be programmed to report care specific results that older versions just can't do. They're better calibrated to create more accurate results and are easier to use. Older machines can't keep up with the needs of today's hospitals and patients. Inferior machines mean inferior care and that's not acceptable. Beck-Lee has been around for more than 80 years, providing hospitals, doctor's offices and many other medical establishments with quality equipment. Our prices and selection of EKG machines can't be beat. Check out EKG Machines and EKG Accessories.