The Changing Face Of ECG Machines

ECG machines are in every hospital in the United States and throughout most in the world because of their ability to detect arrhythmia and other dangerous heart issues. The technology isn’t new, but it is advancing and leading to new types of machines and technology to help patients.

Mobile ECG Machines

The large bulky EKG machines of the past are gone and replaced by newer sleeker models. One of the biggest advances in portability is Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry (MCOT). When patients are on new drugs that may impact a heart condition or have a condition that requires regular monitoring, doctors had to keep them in the hospital and couldn’t get a natural read for day to day activities or keep them home bound with a machine.

The MCOT is portable and can go with people, but still send back needed information to doctors and the hospital. This technology is growing rapidly because it provides better patient experience and gives doctors better data than traditional methods.

Smartphone Connectivity

One of the biggest complaints doctors and nurses have is the constant need for EKG paper. One patient can take up reams of it in order to monitor and diagnose their cardiac issues. One of the biggest advancements in EKG technology is the ability to connect smartphones via Bluetooth. Doctors can access patient results and early diagnosis. This is important for emergency room patients who come in with suspected cardiac problems.  The ER doctor can send the information to a cardiologist that might be at the other end of the hospital or even off-site.

If a patient is being monitored and a problem arises, the machine can send an alert to the doctor. The growing use of smartphone integration makes the diagnosis and treatment of heart problems more efficient.

Integration with Electronic Medical Records

Electronic medical records were a revolution in the medical community and the integration of ECG results impacted it even further. The ability to transfer ECG files to a computer or to the cloud makes looking over the pertinent medical records easier for the doctor. There are no more ECG paper trails or massive files to carry around.

Doctors can now find the information quickly and that’s helps them make faster diagnosis. Patient care is supremely important and a faster more accurate diagnosis can save a life.

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