ADC LED Diagnostic Desk Set

ADC LED Diagnostic Desk Set
ADC LED Diagnostic Desk Set
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Product Description
The ADC 5510 Diagnostix 3.5v desk set is among the most critical toolsets in a clinician's repertoire to perform a comprehensive physical exam. ADC Diagnostix brand EENT instrument sets help the practitioner perform fast exams and accurately diagnose a range of patient conditions thanks to innovative optical and lighting technologies.

Diagnostic Desk Sets features:

Otoscope: Featuring fiberoptic light transmission for an unobstructed view and optical glass which reduces reflection and offers 3x magnification, the Diagnostix Otoscope offers excellent viewing capabilities. Features Anti-theft locking.

LED Coaxial Ophthalmoscope: The Coax Ophthalmoscope utilizes an aspherical condenser lens to reduce corneal reflection. This ophthalmoscope features an ergonomic design and thumb rest for improved stability and one-finger control, and a magnified, illuminated viewing pane. It is dust-resistant.

Battery Handles: The tools in this desk set come with Li-ionic 2600mAh rechargeable battery handles, which, when fully charged, provide 50 hours usage with LED lamps. The battery can last for up to 1200 charge cycles.

Charging Base: The base of this desk set comprises ADC's desk charging station. Charging station is compact and has space to charge two Diagnostix handles at one time. It includes a storage compartment which can hold spare lamp bulbs or small specula. This desk charger comes with a mounting bracket to allow permanent fixture to a surface; it can also be left as portable. This charger features colored LEDs to indicate power and charging state. Charging time 3 hours.