Welch Allyn MacroView Basic LED Otoscope Head

Welch Allyn MacroView Basic LED Otoscope Head
Welch Allyn MacroView Basic LED Otoscope HeadWelch Allyn MacroView Basic LED Otoscope Head
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Product Description
Welch Allyn 238-2 MacroView LED Otoscope Head

Quick Highlights:
  • Features Long-Lasting ColorSure LED Illumination
  • 3x Larger Field of View & 5x Magnification
  • Compatible with Welch Allyn 3.5V Power Handles
  • Has Bright Fiber Optic Light Transmission
  • Focus-Free Design for Sharp Images
  • Pneumatic Otoscopy Capable
  • Enhanced Design for Long-Term Use

The Welch Allyn MacroView LED Otoscope Head is an excellent device used by healthcare professionals to get a clear and bright view of the ear canal and eardrum during consultation. This is used to see the condition of the patient's tympanic membrane and help the clinician in providing a better diagnosis and treatment. Providing a wide-view and enhanced ear images, this MacroView LED Otoscope Head is a reliable tool for day-to-day clinic practices.

Excellent Visualization: This improved Welch Allyn MacroView Otoscope Head comes with a long-lasting ColorSure LED illumination that greatly enhances the view of the auditory structures. It has bright Fiber Optic light transmission which provides a 360° ring of light without visual obstruction. The device's lamp can be used for long-term and remains bright over the duration of the battery's charge capacity.

Reliable Magnification: The MacroView Otoscope has a field of view that is three times larger than a single-lens otoscope, and five times magnification feature that aids in a clearer visual that is helpful for the healthcare professional. This device has a focus-free design, with an extended focal length, ensuring a clear and sharp image for a better ear examination.

Pneumatic Otoscopy Capable: The Welch Allyn MacroView Otoscope can also be used to assess the mobility and flexibility of the tympanic membrane through air pressure. The device incorporates a closed system and an airtight seal compatible for the Pneumatic Otoscopy procedure.

Compatible with the existing Welch Allyn 3.5v USB Power Handles, the MacroView LED Otoscope Head is an innovative tool that will greatly enhance ear examinations in clinics and hospitals.

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